Self-Management and Recovery Training

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SMART Cincy printable flier (PDF) — For meeting locations and details, please click on the meeting in the calendar below. For directions to your meeting, click on the ‘map’ link in the meeting popup window.

Attendance Verification sheet (PDF) — This seems to have disappeared off of the national website so we’re reposting it here.

Special note regarding Wednesday/UC Hospital meeting: The traditional room we have met in is no longer available, presumably permanently. For the short term we will continue to have a meeting, but just in the cafeteria (near the Au Bon Pain cafe) while we try to arrange for a new permanent location. Note the new location may very well be in a different building or different part of town. Stay tuned.

Monday Amelia is back! One of the attendees has volunteered to pick the meeting back up. Meeting starts at 6:00pm, same location as before.

Thursday Family & Friends (Blue Ash) being shut down: We still have the Sunday 4:00pm Family & Friends meeting in Mason.

Women’s Wednesday ARC is BACK (and now starts at 7:00pm): While the meeting should be back on every week, do note that due to health issues the facilitator may have to cancel the meeting that night because of health issues. Of late this meeting has been on every week.  This is the Goshen, OH meeting on the calendar below. UPDATE: This meeting is now 7:00-8:00pm!

Felicity, OH meetings: These meetings take place at Felicity Christian Church, 847 State Route 133, Felicity, OH 45120, USA from 6:00pm to 7:00pm on alternate weeks. Contact Jeremy ( for the current schedule.

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SMART Recovery Meetings are open to the public (with the exception of those that state CLOSED). There is never a cost to attend, however a hat is passed at the end of meetings for donations. You do not need to contact the facilitator or register prior to attending; you are welcome to just show up. Visitors are welcome but the focus is on individuals with a problem and their spouses, friends and relatives. It is assumed that everyone in attendance has a desire to learn about SMART.

If you have questions about the meeting or need further information, you may contact the facilitator via the contact information provided in the meeting descriptions above. If you prefer, you may also contact us here.